Investor relations

AJ Bell Holdings Limited is the parent company of the AJ Bell Group of companies. Details of the Board of Directors can be found here. Each Director brings a set of different but complementary skills, enabling the Board to direct group strategy, manage risk effectively and provide a robust corporate governance framework within which AJ Bell can operate.

Share capital breakdown

The share capital of AJ Bell Holdings Limited is controlled as follows:

Breakdown (%)
Andy Bell 28
Invesco Perpetual 39
Seneca Investment Managers 4
Woodford Investment Management 8
Other 21
Total 100

Invesco Perpetual, Seneca Investment Managers and Woodford Investment Management hold shares on behalf of funds that they manage.

The above percentages exclude unexercised options issued under various share option schemes operated by AJ Bell.

AJ Bell Holdings Limited shares are not quoted on any recognised stock exchange.

AJ Bell has a combination of voting and non-voting share classes, so the voting percentages will differ from those shown above.

The share capital statistics are accurate as at 23 May 2016.

Financial calendar 2016

Annual results announced 15 December 2016
Final dividend announced 15 December 2016
Final dividend paid 16 December 2016

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