My Tri Moment

Share the ‘moment’ that makes triathlon for you

Every triathlete has their own reasons for loving the sport; whether it’s that sense of achievement, the camaraderie or simply the amazing places it takes them.

The feelings this sport engenders are as diverse as the triathletes themselves, but we are hoping you’ll share a key moment that sums the sport up for you personally, or that stands out as an unforgettably highlight in your triathlon experience.

Just send us a description of your ‘moment’ using #MyTriMoment, along with a photo or video to support your entry, then follow or like the @AJBellGroup account on Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks to our partnership with AJ Bell World Triathlon Leeds, we will be giving the participants with the best ‘moments’ a place at this year’s event on Sunday 9 June 2019.

Terms and conditions apply. We know these can be a bit dry, but it’s important that you look at them before getting involved in the competition.

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Competition ends at 12pm on Friday 10 May 2019.

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