Top quad-building exercises

John Kirkpatrick is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Sale Sharks, and a former professional rugby league player who played for St Helens RLFC, London Broncos RLFC and Widnes RLFC.

Here, Kirky shares three top quad-building exercises that can support your triathlon training.

  1. Front squats
  • Put the barbell across the front of your shoulders, steadying it with an underhand grip.
  • Keep your shoulders back and down, head forward and engage the core.
  • Squat down, keep your chest and elbows up.
  • Squat until you are at 90 degrees from the floor.
  • Squeeze your glutes until you’re back up to the top.
  1. Lunges
  • Keep your back straight and head up facing forward.
  • Step forward on one leg.
  • Lower your hips until both knees are at 90 degrees.
  • Make sure your front knee is above your ankle and your back knee doesn’t quite touch the floor.
  • If you want to challenge yourself, put the barbell on the back of your shoulders, or use a dumbbell in each hand.
  1. Bulgarian split squat
  • Your back foot should be elevated on a step, bench, box or something around knee height.
  • Your front foot is lunge distance in front of the box or platform you are lunging off.
  • Lower your body until your back knee is close to the floor and your front leg is at 90 degrees. Your front foot should not go over your knee.
  • Drive up using your glutes and quads – and repeat.
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