Triathlete tips

We asked our social media following to provide their best triathlon training and pre-race preparation tips, so here they are:

  • “Get into open water as soon as you can. Don't think swimming in a pool is the same as swimming in the docks. The first time you put your face in the lack of things to see will throw your senses out, you'll get used to it but don't leave your first time until race day” - Lee
  • “Double-check your kit before you leave the house on race day - so many bits are needed, so make a check list! I have forgotten key things like my tri belt before! I'm sure this super transition bag will remind me … there’s a place for everything” - Charlotte
  • “Fuel up before the race as during will be too late & your body will already be in deficit” – Paul
  • “Always arrive on race day with time to spare so you can check out the course and transition area” - June
  • “Make sure that you have a good nutrition plan for the race and stick to it” - Michael
  • “Don't just follow the hat in front of you in the swim as they may not be going the right way!” – Paul
  • “For the last 50m of the swim increase kick intensity to get the blood flowing into your legs” - Michael
  • “Practice taking your wetsuit off before the race and use baby oil to help glide it off” - Sarah
  • “Remember your spot in transition, or tell a friend who can remind you on your way in - there's nothing worse than running around trying to find your bike and trainers!” – Paul
  • “As a cyclist in the first instance, my top tip would be to inflate your tyres with a track pump so you know you are running the right pressure. This reduces your rolling resistance, allowing you to ride quicker with the same effort. Result!” - Laura
  • “Drop your bike into a low gear and spin your legs into T2 to take the pressure off, making sure your legs are ready for the run” - Paul
  • “Take your time in transition. This might sound counter-intuitive but it’s better to add 30 seconds in transition than riding or running in discomfort and losing far more because of uncomfortable kit” - Chris
  • “Practise running without socks to make sure your trainers don't shred your feet; I've fallen foul of both of those before” – Paul
  • “Elastic laces save so much time … and take an element of worry out of the equation!” – Danny
  • “Get used to that ‘jelly legs’ feeling by doing some back to back bike and run brick sessions” – Michael
  • “Remember to breathe - always breathe - in the lake, on the bike and on the run” – Amanda

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