Our approach

It’s your money, not ours. Here’s how we invest on your behalf.

Our investment principles sit at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is to deliver specific, meaningful outcomes that are aligned to the needs of our customers. We do this by adhering to six key beliefs.

1. We never forget whose money it is

We invest your money the way we would want our own to be managed. That means with trust, transparency and a passion to do the right thing.

2. We are outcome-orientated

By thinking like our customers and understanding their aspirations and the challenges they face, we aim to create investment solutions that can deliver the specific outcomes they need – be that growing capital, providing income or protecting against inflation.

3. We invest for the long term

We are investors, not speculators and so, since time is an investor's greatest friend, we invest for the long-term. It means short-term periods of panic or euphoria don’t blow us off course from our objectives.

4. We are valuation-driven

We recognise that other investors are often not as disciplined as ourselves. When others become anxious or greedy, our long-term focus allows us to occasionally take advantage of those who are simply speculating. It’s an approach rarely seen with low-cost managers.

5. We are cost-conscious

Whilst none of us can see into the future, we do know with certainty that every penny paid in costs is a penny that could have otherwise been invested. In individual years, these differences may seem small, but over time the savings add up to make a meaningful difference to your returns.

6. We demand a culture of transparency

Like every area across AJ Bell, we employ a framework of strong corporate governance, supported by an unwavering commitment to financial and operational transparency and best practices. It’s not our money. It’s yours.

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