Our commitments

For committing your investments to us, you deserve a commitment in return.

As a 21st century investment business, we want to do things based on how we see the future, and not on the past. This led us to create a series of market commitments – a set of promises to investors and advisers on how we run the business, both today and tomorrow.

Our commitment on choice

We believe investors are better served when they can find the solution that is right for them. That’s why we offer a wide range of portfolio options. From income to growth, active to passive, and funds to model portfolios, every one of our solutions is managed with risk targets in mind so that investors can choose the one that best fits their needs.

Our commitment on cost

Investment management needn't be expensive. But it often is. As a market leader on costs, we charge a fee of just 0.15% - no matter which solution you choose.

As we grow, our increased buying power is likely to generate savings. As part of our commitment on cost, we also promise to pass back any savings we make to investors on the day that we make them, making investments better value in the process.

Our commitment on communication

Before you invest with us, we want you to understand how we’ll take care of your hard-earned savings. Once you have invested, we promise to keep you informed promptly and speak to you in plain English. Why not take a look at our useful info and see for yourself?

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