Stockbroking Services

One of the most experienced teams in the industry, and a CREST sponsor since 1996.

Dealing Service

We provide a full online and telephone dealing service. Acting as an agency broker we are able to deal in equities, fixed income securities, investment trusts and international dealing, in all major currencies.

Our experienced dealing team is able to deal in both retail and institutional size orders and has direct access to the Markets. We pride ourselves on the quality of our dealing and will guarantee best execution.

We also offer dealing, settlement and custody in a whole of market universe of Collective Investment Funds through our FundService. Please note that we do not have direct contact or deal with individual private clients. Our relationships are with institutional investment businesses.

CREST sponsored membership - LawSafe

We provide CREST Sponsored Membership services to wealth and investment managers, pension funds, stockbrokers and other investment businesses.

Our LawSafe service has been specifically developed to provide secure, fast, web-enabled access to CREST through our portal. By using LawSafe you become a member of CREST but we manage the interface. This service allows you to hold and control your clients' stock securely in CREST without the need to engage a third party custodian or invest in costly technology.

Additionally you will benefit from the extensive expertise and high quality of service we have developed as a CREST Sponsor since 1996.

Unit trust dealing, settlement and custody service - FundService

Collective Investment Funds have become a vital part of many wealth managers' strategies yet the dealing, settlement and custody remain difficult and costly. We have designed our FundService to offer a solution to this by centralising the dealing and custody through one service.

FundService allows you to deal in a wide range of collectives through our Dealing Service. We will then manage the settlement and custody for you, thereby removing the operational headaches and costs. Additionally, due to the excellent relationships we have with the Fund Managers, we will ensure that the initial charges are heavily discounted or completely free for many funds.

International Custody Service

We have developed a full International Custody Service with the ability to support dealing, settlement and custody in most overseas centres. Our service is flexible and efficient and is aimed at wealth management companies who have found direct access to overseas markets difficult.

Our Dealing Service ensures that you are able to deal in all overseas markets and our International Custody Service manages the settlement and custody. The service is price competitive and our service standards match those of larger institutional custodians. We have an experienced support team to assist and advise you in all areas of international dealing and settlement.

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