Jim Jamieson

This was my first triathlon but certainly won't be my last. The event was fantastic and incredibly well run, I would recommend this event to anyone.
Looking forward to next year already :)

Ricky Taylor

I last competed at London in 2008 and know how fabulous an event it is. Since then I now have 2 fantastic little boys who have never witnessed a triathlon and London provided this platform to introduce triathlon to my kids. I was not dissapointed with so many activities for children and how family friendly it is. I was also encouraged by a great group of friends and my wife who had also signed up, which provided great motivation throughhout the year.

Annie Thomas

I haven't competed at the AJ Bell London Triathlon but I have worked on the swim for many years. I am constantly inspired by our magnificent team of volunteers who work incredibly hard all day after very early starts.

This year I was privileged to meet Corinne and be able to assist her smooth entrance and exit to and from the swim. She certainly humbled several other competitors and made them realise that, actually, their problems were non-existent really by comparison.

Sean Ellis

As an avid skier and lover of all things sea and mountain, I became aware of Snow-Camp a good few years ago, as they're based near my home in Brighton and this is the first opportunity I've had to really support them. I first learned to ski over 10 dark, rain-sodden, agonising Friday evenings at Woolwich dry ski slope and almost gave up several times. But with the right coach, I learned to change my attitude, persevere, not give up, and channel my negative energy into actually improving my skills. Once I got onto real snow in Austria for the first time, I never looked back.

Stephen Brown

This was my 2nd AJ Bell London Triathlon, this year it was all about beating the time I set in 2016. Training with my team from work really helped keep me going through the tough times and help motivate myself to try and beat them and my previous time.

Great event and organisation again this year and will definitely be back next year to improve my time again.

Lee Maxwell

What a day! 5th London tri for me and the first attempt at the long Olympic plus! As usual the event didn't fail to meet my expectations, great support, organisiation and miles of closed London roads. Thanks AJ Bell for giving me the chance to take part... same time next year?

Andrew Gough

I've never been very competitive, but always enjoyed exercise and sport.

Trouble is i'm easily bored of the repetition of distance events like marathons, even 10km runs!, so the mix of all three disciplines in the sprint distance was a great fit for me. Having a relatively young family (spread from 3-7) also meant squeezing in training where i could, but i found it really enjoyable, especially the open water swimming, which i though would be my least favorite.

Robert Wallace

My big sister Marie sadly passed away following a short battle with a very rare type of cancer. NET cancers are difficult to diagnosis and treatment needs more research. A year on I am raising money for Cancer Research over 600 pounds so far on my first Olympic Distance Triathlon.

Having only being able to swim 4 lengths in the pool without a rest when I started training, I am hoping I have improved enough to put in a good effort.

Think she would have been proud.

Shelley Silas

My sister and only sibling, Leah, would have been 60 on18th July. She died 6 1/2 years ago of cancer. I am doing this for me and in memory of her, to raise money for Macmillan. She would have been proud of me, but also thought I was mad. This is for Leah.

Harriet Eames

Myself and 24 others from Halifax, West Yorkshire are taking on the London Triathlon in memory of one of our Triathletes mother. She sadly passed away last year at our local Hospice which is who we are raising money for, we have just passed the £20,000 mark in our team so are extremely proud! Also,

22 of the 24 strong group have never done a triathlon before!