Our Apprentices


Joined September 2017

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship at AJ Bell?

Having decided I wanted a career in finance, the question was what would be the best way to start my career. It ultimately boiled down to university or an apprenticeship. To decide, I pictured my life three years down the line when I would be leaving university. In my opinion, by doing an apprenticeship with AJ Bell, I will have a greater level of experience than my peers leaving uni, without the worry of a lot of student debt.

What has been the highlight of your apprenticeship so far?

I would say the opportunity to do things that are well out of the realms of a ‘normal’ apprenticeship in finance. To name a few; I have taken part in interviews which have been put on a regional evening news channel, been given the opportunity to partake in charity work in the local area and finally, been part of a live broadcast streamed to schools across the country regarding the apprenticeship scheme and my day to day role.

For what reasons would you recommend a career / apprenticeship with AJ Bell?

An apprenticeship at AJ Bell provides you with the opportunity to get comfortable performing high level tasks involving large amounts of responsibility, that are not just relevant to the exams you study for as part of the apprenticeship, but also to our clients and the overall infrastructure of the business

What tips would you give to anyone applying for an AJ Bell apprenticeship?

Learn about what we do. Hundreds of applicants will have good grades (if not better), but not everybody will go out of the way to learn about what we as a business do. Knowing this to a reasonable level will go a long way towards ‘giving you the edge’ and making you stand out for the correct reasons compared to other applicants. This is something I would definitely advise.

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