Culture & inclusion

The culture of our organisation is one of our major focuses. According to Andy Bell, AJ Bell’s Chief Executive Officer, our culture is the glue of the business, and it’s driven by our purpose, our guiding principles and our strategy. Take a look at the video to find out what that means in practice.

"Our culture is really the DNA of the business".

The desire to create an environment where everybody feels supported and able to achieve their full potential is something that’s firmly embedded in AJ Bell’s culture. For a great example of how we champion diversity and inclusion, meet Kim.

Kim is a key member of our Learning & Development (L&D) Team, working with colleagues from across AJ Bell to help them achieve their individual career goals. As somebody with a visual impairment, diversity and inclusion (D&I) are close to Kim’s heart. In this video call, she explains how the business has helped her adapt to working from home, how our L&D offering has adjusted to virtual platforms, and how she champions D&I in her role on a daily basis.

Watch Kim’s #LifeAtAJBell in the videos below.

"To be able to champion inclusion in my everyday work, and support employees across the business, is an extremely fulfilling and empowering feeling".

"It’s a fantastic learning culture – they really embrace diversity here at AJ Bell".