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at AJ Bell

by Dale

Dale joined the Technology Department at AJ Bell in 2008 as a Test Analyst. Since then, he has been a member of a number of tech teams, including IT Service Desk and Data MI. He is now on the Business Intelligence Team, where he is responsible for nine developers.

Dale’s story is typical of our Technology Department – it’s a place that’s always evolving, innovating and adapting to change, and these qualities have been absolutely crucial in AJ Bell’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. In this recent video chat, Dale explains how the department mobilised the business to work remotely when the pandemic first hit, whilst continuing to focus on driving forward new technologies for our customers.

I can see us still being that
progressive tech-focused company
that we’ve always been…
Despite the pandemic,
we haven’t stood still.

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Innovation is a huge part of AJ Bell: we’re always
looking to make things faster, make things better.

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