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Business Development Manager

Tell us about your role.

As a Business Development Manager I am responsible for promoting the products that AJ Bell offers to financial advisers up and down the North West of England. This involves building relationships with firms that use AJ Bell, and ensuring they have the best experience possible.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job?

The variety. Each day can be completely different. One day I’m in the office in Manchester dealing with emails and calls from advisers, the next I could be in North Wales in an adviser’s office discussing their business and how we can help them and their clients. I’m also involved in speaking at and promoting the seminars which we run throughout the year.

How would you describe the culture at AJ Bell?

The culture here at AJ Bell is fantastic, and one of the main reasons I’ve been here for 14 years. The staff are friendly, supportive and incredibly hard working, with an infectiously positive outlook.

What do you think of your colleagues?

As part of my role I deal with a number of different departments within the company. This can include Client Services, Marketing, IT, Technical and Compliance to name but a few. I often need information quickly or a tight turnaround on something and it’s great to have supportive colleagues.

Are you excited about the future at AJ Bell?

Absolutely. The business has been really good to me over the last 14 years and it’s been fantastic to see the growth over this period. We’re making huge strides forward in terms of the quality of our proposition and the assets we’re trusted to look after on behalf of our customers.

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