Our People


Business Analyst

Tell us about your role.

I am a Business Analyst, so in a nutshell I look to make stuff better in the most efficient way. This involves speaking to a lot of people who have specialist knowledge in the areas we are looking to improve, and understanding the benefits of said improvements. I am responsible (to an extent) for the success of the improvements.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job?

Being able to make a difference and instigate change. I know it’s such a cliché but each day tends to be different as there are always different projects that need to be analysed and worked on.

What do you think of your colleagues?

I have nothing but love for my colleagues and they are not only a joy to work with, but to share lunch with, drinks with, holidays with – generally life itself. I have made lifelong friends here and I feel privileged that I keep in touch with a lot of former colleagues – kudos to AJ Bell and the people they employ as they must be doing something right!

What’s the most challenging thing about working at AJ Bell?

It’s always changing – which in the main part is a good thing but means you have to be adaptable to everything that is thrown at you. I love a challenge and it’s what motivates me to do my job and makes it more enjoyable.

Are you excited about the future at AJ Bell?

AJ Bell is always changing, and as a Business Analyst that’s good because it means more things to analyse and get involved with. It’s continually expanding, which I hope means more opportunities for me and colleagues around me. As for myself, I will be embarking on a Business Analyst career, with AJ Bell putting me through the relevant qualifications for this.

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