Specialist functions

As one of the UK’s largest and most highly regarded investment platforms, we can offer a wide range of career opportunities in many different departments. Here’s an overview of the various specialist functions that we rely on for the day-to-day running of our business.

Compliance team meeting

Risk and Compliance

There are a huge number of laws, policies and regulations affecting our business. The Risk and Compliance Team makes sure we follow them all to the letter, while also working hard to identify and mitigate any emerging risks that could affect us.

Ultimately, the team’s focus is on achieving good outcomes for the business and its customers, and they do this by creating a strong framework of internal policies for us to follow. As well as producing an annual risk strategy document, they work closely with the company’s first line of defence to implement and improve our risk management processes.

The team also takes responsibility for all our communications with the Financial Conduct Authority, making sure that important information reaches those who need it, and assisting with any regulatory or policy queries our people may have.

Marketing team meeting

Brand, PR, Marketing and Sales

We need to make sure the world knows who we are, what we do and why people should use our services. The first part of that job falls to our Brand and PR Team. By sharing our stories and expertise with the media, sponsoring major sporting events and supporting good causes, they help us build awareness of a brand with strong values that people can trust.

This makes it easier for our Sales and Business Development Teams to build relationships with potential new customers, and sell the many benefits that our various services offer.

They are aided in this by our Marketing Team, which uses social media, targeted emails, web content and multi-media advertising campaigns to keep both new and potential customers fully informed of, engaged with, and excited about our work.

HR team meeting

Human Resources

Our people are our most valuable resource, so we want to support and develop them as much as possible. This vital task falls to our Human Resources Department.

The department is made up of two core teams which, though distinct, often work closely together. Firstly, there’s the Learning and Development Team. It’s their job to support the personal growth and professional development of our employees by delivering training programmes and e-learning content, helping them gain the professional qualifications they need in order to progress in their chosen roles.

Then there’s the HR Team, which we rely on to handle everything from hiring the right person for any given role, to managing the company’s pay review process and even supporting employees’ physical, mental and financial wellbeing. The HR Team’s remit is huge, and its impact on our business is even greater.

Technical team meeting

Technical Team

The financial services industry operates under a complicated set of regulations that is constantly evolving. It’s our Technical Team’s job to understand these rules, and ensure our products and customers never get caught out.

On a day-to-day basis, the team provides an invaluable ‘Helpdesk’ resource for the whole company, providing answers to quickfire queries over the phone and via email, as well as in-depth support on more complex cases when the need arises.

They also prepare and deliver training on specific technical issues, and are often called upon to write everything from technical guides to articles for the trade press. And when other parts of the company produce a piece of literature or communications work, we rely on the Technical Team to check their facts are straight before signing it off.