Analyst consensus


Analyst consensus data is compiled and updated by AJ Bell on a periodic basis. The consensus data below was compiled as at 25 March 2020.

Year ending 30 September 2020 2021
Revenue £111.8m £116.5m
Reported profit before tax £37.0m £37.9m
Diluted earnings per share 7.32p 7.49p
Ordinary dividend per share 5.01p 5.21p

In light of the recent significant fall in stock market levels and the reductions in UK base rate to 0.10%, the figures above are a simple arithmetic average of forecasts that have been updated since 1 March 2020 by registered investment analysts and provided to AJ Bell. As such, the figures do not give greater weight to the forecasts of any individual analyst. These estimates are not endorsed by AJ Bell, nor does AJ Bell assume any obligation to update or revise them after the date above.

Analyst coverage

The following investment analysts have kindly provided forecasts which are included in the latest consensus data for AJ Bell plc:

CompanyAnalystEmail address
Exane BNP ParibasGreg
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