AJ Bell launches new capital gains tax tool

AJ Bell has launched a new capital gains tax (CGT) tool to help advisers monitor and manage clients’ CGT liabilities.
10 April 2017

The CGT tool enables advisers to quickly see capital gains and losses for each investment held in General Investment Accounts on the AJ Bell Investcentre platform.  Advisers can also use the tool to estimate how future sales will impact clients’ CGT position using ‘what-if’ scenarios that allow advisers to enter projected sale amounts on holdings in client portfolios.

To enable advisers to report on a client’s overall CGT position they can adjust the figures to account for realised gains made outside the AJ Bell GIA.  Book costs for investments can also be edited if they have been transferred onto the AJ Bell platform.  

The development is part of a wider Digital Strategy project on the AJ Bell Investcentre platform, which has already seen the launch of a new BETA site which incorporates a re-designed user interface, a new dealing area and improved navigation, filters and intuitive text search to help users find clients and information quicker. 

Billy Mackay, marketing director at AJ Bell, comments:

“One of our core aims as a business it to make it easier for advisers and their clients to invest money.  Our Digital Strategy project will deliver a number of initiatives that all set out with this central objective.  We regularly seek feedback from advisers on their preferred enhancements.  A CGT tool with ‘what if’ functionality has topped the wish list in every piece of research done over the last 2 years.  With this in mind, we have been delighted with the initial response to the tool with feedback from initial user groups being very positive.

“With the new BETA website, rather than taking a ‘big bang’ approach, we will introduce the new website alongside the existing one.  This will allow users to gradually get acquainted with what will be a very different look, feel and user experience.”

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