About us

At the heart of our business is a clear and succinct purpose which drives everything we do: we help people to invest.

AJ Bell is one of the UK’s largest and best-regarded investment platforms. Over 432,000 customers currently trust us with their investments, and by continuously striving to make investing easier, we aim to help even more people take control of their financial futures. From our offices in Manchester, London and Bristol, we offer an award-winning range of solutions that caters for everyone, from professional financial advisers, to DIY investors with little to no experience.

Investing for all

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Why invest with AJ Bell?

    We’re on a mission to make investing easier

    We aim to make the whole process of investing as easy as possible. That means providing access to products that are matched to your needs, ensuring that our staff are among the best in the business and our website is intuitive and easy to use. It’s an approach that wins us prestigious industry awards year after year.

    We offer real choice

    Whether you use a financial adviser, or manage your investments yourself, we offer a range of products to help you hit your financial goals. You can read more about our products and services here.

    We keep our charges low

    By keeping our costs as low as possible, we aim to help you make your money work even harder.

    We’re here for the long haul

    AJ Bell is built on a strong set of guiding principles that have seen us grow from a small actuarial consultancy to become one of the largest investment platforms in the UK and a FTSE 250 company. As a profitable, well-capitalised business, we are well-placed to build on this success, and to continue serving the needs of our customers for many decades to come. For more information on our financial performance, as well as lots of other information about how we work, take a look at our latest annual report .

Our guiding principles

Our company is built on a set of guiding principles that define the way we do business.
These principles inform everything we do, creating a culture in which we strive to think like our customers, make investing easier and lead our markets.


We make investing easy and accessible

We are down-to-earth, speak plain English and simplify the complex.


We know our stuff

We are experienced, knowledgeable and aware.


We are human. Not robots

We treat people as people and put customers at the heart of our business. We talk, listen and take notice, respect other people and each other.


We do the right thing

We don’t sell, we help. We are open and honest. We care and speak up for our customers.


We give customers what they need. Not what they don’t

We are specialists and good at what we do. We offer excellent service and value. We pay attention to detail and aim to get it right, first time.


We never stand still

We have a can-do attitude. We turn ideas into reality. We are restless, enthusiastic and always looking for ways of doing things better.

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432,000 customers trust us with their investments
£68.7 billion of assets under administration
Member of the London Stock Exchange
1,000 employees
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